Members of the Relations Study team share their thoughts and analysis on the research and its outputs.

20 July 2022: The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care – The MacAlister Report

In this blog, Polly Radcliffe reflects on the relevance of the recent Independent Review of Children’s Social Care for parents who use drugs and their children who are in kinship, foster and residential care.

14 June 2022: Reformulating our research during COVID-19

In this blog, Research Fellow James Todd discusses reformulating research with parents who use drugs and services that support them.

25 May 2022: Neonatal abstinence syndrome: uncertain diagnosis and parent/patient involvement in care

In this blog, Amy Chandler, one of the Relations Study co-investigators, discusses how Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome is an ‘uncertain’ diagnosis, and one that is very strongly affected by stigma in relation to drug use, and especially drug use in pregnancy.

23 May 2022: Parents who use drugs: whose rights, what rights?

On 13th May 2022, the Relations Study Team welcomed over 40 attendees to their first webinar, a mixture of researchers, practitioners and kinship carers. Emma Wincup reports on the webinar in this blog.

14 March 2022: How are we using Learning Alliances in the Relations study?

In this blog, Hannah Carver, Co-Investigator and Lead on Learning Alliances, discusses the Learning Alliance approach within the Relations Study, and the pros and cons of online meetings.

23 February 2022: Will families affected by drug use continue to be overlooked?

In this blog Emma Wincup, one of the Relations Study co-investigators, reflects on the contrasts between a recent report from Adfam, sharing the perspectives of families affected by alcohol, drug use and gambling, and the latest UK drug strategy. She raises questions about how far families affected by drug use are involved in or represented by UK drug policy.

26 April 2021: What is a Learning Alliance?

In this blog post, Research Fellow James Todd explores a core aspect of our research: the Relations Study Learning Alliance. The post expands on what our Learning Alliance involves, and how its members and stakeholders contribute to our work around parents who use drugs, their experiences of family life, and their interactions with health and social care services.